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Returns are available for purchases made directly from Pelnut website for 14-days after the order delivery date.

1. Fill out Return-form

Contact our Customer Support team and briefly describe your issue, we’ll provide you a return merchandise authorization (RMA) number. Write down the RMA number and return code that best explains the reason for your return onto a return form paper that you got inside the box.

2. Prepare the Shipment

Tear off the bottom slip portion of the document and place it together with the item(s) you wish to return in a suitable box, e.g the one you got from Pelnut. Securely pack the items the way they came in including their retail packaging as well as warranty-sheet provided to you into a box.

3. Driver picks up the shipment

We’ll book the courier that will arrive the next business day at your provided address and picks up the shipment that you have prepared. Optionally you can deliver the shipment to nearest Drop-Off locker box provided on return instructions.

4. We give your money back

Funds for orders that were paid with the card are refunded back to the same card you used during the payment and may take up to 3 business days to clear in your bank account. If you paid with cash to the delivery driver, we will execute direct money transfer to your provided bank account.

Custom made preorders, which are not pre-manufactured and manufactured according to the buyer’s individual choice or decision by or on goods which are clearly tailored to the buyer’s personal use.

Packaged Items, which were unsealed or seals were damaged or opened after delivery.
Products purchased from dealers or resellers and not directly.
Digital content purchases.
Business entities or goods that have been purchased for commercial rather than own use.

If the return reason is not a result of Pelnut error, delivery expenses are not being reimbursed back and collecting the shipment will cost you as well. If the return is the result of Pelnut error, shipping back will cost you nothing and we’ll refund original shipping costs as well.


The goods come with a 12-months Multi-regional Manufacturer coverage and protection plan as well as separate PELNUT protection plan. PELNUT warrants its products against defects in materials and workmanship for a period of up to twenty-four months (24-months). Pelnut will repair or replace its product if, due to defective parts or workmanship, if it does not perform as specified or as manufacturers described. This warranty covers only repair or replacement of the product itself. This warranty is extended to the original consumer purchaser and may be transferred as well. In no event does this warranty extend to instances where the product is damaged through uses for which it was not intended, misuse, mishandling, removal and/or re-installation, neglect, accident or tampering. In no event shall Pelnut be liable for any indirect, incidental or consequential damages, or lost profits arising out of or related to this product, or the performance or breach thereof, even if Pelnut has been advised of the possibility thereof. Pelnut liability to the customer, if any, shall in no event exceed the total of the purchase price. This warranty does not cover normal wear and tear, or damage to any third party product used in connection with this product. Any representations or promises inconsistent, or in addition to this warranty are unauthorized and shall not be binding upon Pelnut.

In the event Pelnut determines, in its sole discretion, that the Product suffers from defects in material or workmanship and does not substantially conform to the published specifications under normal use, during the limited warranty period, and are subject to the conditions and exceptions stated in this Agreement, Pelnut will, at its option, either: (1) repair or replace the Product with new or refurbished Product of equal or greater capacity and functionality; or (2) Reimburse full product value Product if Pelnut is unable to repair or replace the Product. In the case of replacements, Pelnut may replace Your Product with one that was previously used or tested to meet previous specifications. The warranty period for repaired and replaced products will not be extended and is warranted for the remainder of the warranty period, from the original date of purchase. However, in the case of NTF (No Trouble Found) through a diagnosis, Your Product will be sent back to You. You should always back up the important data. You may request a warranty and/or ownership transfer if you Purchased or received a new product, Sold or given away your product.

1. Fill warranty form

We will issue you a warranty authorization form (WA) where you describe the issue related to your claim.

2. Prepare shipment

Place the form together with the item(s) that needs technical service and securely pack it in a suitable box, e.g the one you got from Pelnut.

3. Shipment pickup

We will book a courier that will arrive to pick up the shipment that you have prepared.

4. Repair and Return

Pelnut will repair or replace your products and send them back to you.

The consumer must retain the proof of purchase for the warranty period.
The warranty period is valid from the original date of purchase of the product.
This warranty extends only to the defects in material or workmanship occurring during normal use of the product.

Goods that are physically damaged or altered as a result of misuse by the consumer.

Goods that are damaged as a result of other third-party products, including software.
Goods that are damaged as a result of environmental damage e.i (heat, humidity, liquid, overcurrent and etc.).
Goods that were used for a purpose other than the manufacturers described;
Goods whose faults have resulted from the buyer’s fault;
Goods with damaged serial stickers or safety seals;

To any misrepresentations given that are not covered by this warranty.
The buyer does not provide the purchase receipt (account, check, leasing agreement);

Loss of data contained in flash memories, hard drives for repairs or replacements.
Naturally degrading components (i.e wires, connectors, battery, holders, keypads, etc.).
Any alterations, modifications, or removal of any Manufacturers labels or barcodes on the Product.

Pelnut may impose a restocking fee for goods that are returned for “Warranty Authorisation” claim if those goods are in violation of the terms of the contract and are either damaged, modified, tampered with, altered, affected by improper use.