Warranty and Returns


Computer hardware and consumer electronics sold by “PELNUT” have a 12-month manufacturer hardware warranty governed by terms and conditions applicable to that manufacturer, for more information refer to the specific manufacturer’s warranty terms and conditions. For example, “Dell” and “Lenovo” hardware warranty is accessible globally through locally based partner service providers, allowing consumers to access Dell and Lenovo product hardware services in their home or outside their home country. Visit official Dell product support at https://www.dell.com/support/home/ or Lenovo official support at https://www.lenovo.com/us/en/contact/ and get to speak to the Manufacturers agent who will provide you with the steps to claim your product warranty in your area, which includes in-home technician visits, stationary or remote services. Certain Manufacturer brands for example “Dell”, and “Lenovo” allow product warranty extensions within the entire 12-month period and in some cases even after expiration.

For more information on terms of the manufacturer warranty, warranty extension, and general warranty questions, including help finding a manufacturer’s technical service provider representative in your country, and accessing their services feel free to contact “PELNUT” customer support.

The “PELNUT” insures products against defects in materials and workmanship with a separate limited warranty coverage plan for a twenty-four months (24-months) period that is applicable to both individual and business users. “Pelnut” will repair or replace the product if it is affected by defective parts and or workmanship and or if it does not perform as specified by the manufacturer’s description. This insurance warranty covers only the repair or replacement of the product itself. The “Pelnut” product warranty does not add to the Dell product warranty. In no event “Pelnut” insurance warranty extends to instances where the product is damaged through uses for which it was not intended, misuse, mishandling, removal and or reinstallation, neglect, accident, or tampering. In no event shall “Pelnut” be liable for any indirect, incidental, or consequential damages, or lost profits arising out of or related to this product, even if “Pelnut” has been advised of the possibility thereof. “Pelnut” liability to the customer, if any, shall in no event exceed the total of the purchase price. This warranty does not cover normal wear and tear, or damage to any third-party product used in connection with merchandise sold by “Pelnut”. Any representations or promises inconsistent, or in addition to this insurance warranty are unauthorized and shall not be binding upon “Pelnut”.

In the event “Pelnut” determines, in its sole discretion, that the product suffers from defects in material or workmanship and does not substantially conform to the published specifications under normal use, during the limited insurance warranty period, subject to the conditions and exceptions stated in this Agreement, “Pelnut” will, at its option, either: (1) repair or replace the product with a new or refurbished product of equal or greater capacity and functionality; or (2) Reimburse full product value if “Pelnut” is unable to repair or replace the product. In the case of replacement, “Pelnut” may replace your product with one that was previously used or tested that meets or is greater than your product specifications. The insurance warranty period for repaired and replaced products will not be extended and is warranted for the remainder of the original insurance warranty period, from the original date of purchase. However, in case “Pelnut” , through a diagnosis, finds that the claimed product does not suffer from defects in material or workmanship and conforms to the published specifications of the manufacturer your product will be sent back to you. You should always back up the important data. You may request a warranty and or ownership transfer if you purchased or received a product from the original owner.


1. Fill warranty form

“Pelnut” will issue you a warranty authorization (WA) number and, or form where you describe the issue related to your claim.

2. Prepare shipment

Place the WA form together with the insured items and securely pack it in a suitable box, e.g the one you got from “Pelnut”.

3. Shipment pickup

“Pelnut” will book a courier that will arrive at your requested convenient day and time to your provided address and pick up the shipment.

4. Repair and return

“Pelnut” either repair or replace your products and send them back to you.

“PELNUT” provides stationary (on-site) product warranty service which includes collection and return and remote connection service. Start by reaching customer service agents to describe malfunctions of the product, please have an order number available. “PELNUT” customer service in coordination with the technical service provider they partner with informs you of the planned service type. Determined stationary (on-site) service is required a scheduled arrival time of the driver to pick up the items will be coordinated with you, including information on how to pack the items and the expected duration of the service work will be provided. The stationary (on-site) with collection and return repair service includes free-of-charge item picking. The driver will be sent to your address to pick up the item, and once the repair or replacement is done items will be sent back to you. In some cases, depending on the cause of the problem and if the item in question is a computer, technicians may ask for your permission to connect to your system remotely to perform remote diagnostics or instruct you to install or uninstall system drivers.

As a rule of thumb, the official manufacturer’s computer warranty period starts counting from the day the manufacturer sold it, this rule applies to any laptop manufacturer Dell, Lenovo, or any other brand. Open-Box computers will have a shorter official Manufacturer’s warranty time left than the one that is officially declared by the Manufacturer. That is because naturally, the Open-Box computers lie on the shelves of the stores that put them on exhibition display. Later these computers spend some time in the warehouses of large distributors (aka Liquidators) who buy such computers and other electronics in bulk and distribute them to retailers. The PELNUT does not know how long individual computer was exhibited in the store and how long they later spent in the distributor warehouse. Distributors pick Open-Box computers one after the other, so we cannot say how long the official Manufacturer’s warranty will be left valid. The quantities of Open-Box and Refurbished computers are always limited and the configurations change regularly these computers are bought by different local enterprises who also resell them.

The consumer must retain the proof of purchase for the warranty period.
The warranty period is valid from the original date of purchase of the product.
This warranty extends only to the defects in material or workmanship occurring during normal use of the product.

Goods that are physically damaged or altered as a result of misuse by the consumer.

Goods that are damaged as a result of other third-party products, including software.
Goods that are damaged as a result of environmental damage e.i (heat, humidity, liquid, overcurrent, etc.).
Goods that were used for a purpose other than the manufacturers described.
Goods whose faults have resulted from the buyer’s fault.
Goods with damaged serial stickers or safety seals.
To any given misrepresentations that are not covered by this warranty.
The buyer does not provide the purchase receipt (account, check, leasing agreement).
Loss of data contained in flash memories, hard drives for repairs or replacements.
Naturally degrading components (i.e wires, connectors, battery, holders, keypads, etc.).
Any alterations, modifications, or removal of any Manufacturers labels or barcodes on the Product.
Operating system and software.

“Pelnut” may impose a restocking fee for goods that are returned claiming the “Warranty Authorisation” if those goods are in violation of the terms of the contract and are either damaged, modified, tampered with, altered, affected by improper use.


Returns are available for purchases made directly from the “Pelnut” store for 14 days after the purchase.


1. Fill out Return-form

Contact our Customer Support team and briefly describe your issue. We’ll provide you return merchandise authorization number and a form. Write down the RMA number and the return code that best explains the reason for your return in suitable fields.

2. Prepare the Shipment

Tear off the bottom portion of the return form and place it together with the item(s) you wish to return packing them the way they came in preserving all original packaging and accessories.

3. Driver picks up the shipment

We’ll book the courier that will arrive at your requested convenient day and time to your provided address and pick up the shipment. Optionally you can deliver the shipment to the nearest Drop-Off locker box provided in a return instruction.

4. We give your money back

Funds for orders that were paid with the card are refunded back to the same card you used during the payment, refunds take up to 3 business days to clear in your bank account. If you paid with cash to the delivery driver or paid with a bank transfer we will execute a direct money transfer to your provided bank account.

Custom-made preorders, which are manufactured or assembled according to the buyer’s individual choice or decision or which are clearly tailored to the buyer’s personal use. Example: orders made not directly through pelnut.com store, individual or commercial quote leading to the successful sale for a product that we do not have in the catalog and/or in stock.
Exclusively packaged Items, which were unsealed or seals were damaged and or opened after delivery.
Items whose packaging was destroyed or damaged or is missing.
Products purchased from dealers or resellers and not pelnut.com directly.
Digital content purchases.

If the return reason is not a result of “Pelnut” or brand manufacturer error, delivery expenses will not be reimbursed back, and collecting the shipment will cost you as well. If the return is the result of “Pelnut” or brand manufacturer error, shipping back will cost you nothing and we’ll refund the original shipping costs as well, (apply only for domestic shipments).