Refurbished & Open Box

In addition to new laptops, PELNUT has a selection of great value-for-money Open-box and Refurbished laptops that are well worth the money spent. When you’re looking for a computer, open-box and refurbished systems are a great option to meet your needs at a low price. Whether you’re looking for a laptop or a workstation, you can’t beat the quality and value of such a product. Open-box and Refurbished systems always come with the same pack of protection.

When you shop Open-box or Refurbished systems you get:
– The same limited hardware warranty and service as if you bought new.
– 14-day return policy.
– Some of the latest products at a great low price.

The quantities of Open-Box and Refurbished computers are always limited and the configurations change regularly these computers are bought by different local enterprises who also resell them.


After speaking with representatives of various manufacturers, PELNUT shares the refurbishment concept.

Refurbishment involves a comprehensive, meticulous repair and inspection process to ensure computers meet the Manufacturer’s standards for new products. When computers arrive at the Manufacturer’s refurbishment facility, they undergo detailed testing to confirm the system includes the correct components and that all of the components are functioning. If testing shows that certain components are not functioning, they undergo electromechanical repair to bring them up to standards for new products. After repair, or if the product does not need it, all data is deleted from the hard drive, ensuring that none of the previous owner’s files or information remain anywhere on the PC.

In the last step, the system is wiped down, restoring the drive and components to factory settings. Finally, the computer is closely inspected for cosmetic damage according to the strict criteria for each tier.
Every refurbished computer is audited multiple times during this process to ensure it meets Manufacturer quality and performance standards. Used computers that don’t meet Dell standards are recycled.
Refurbished laptops are repacked to a generic box and include an AC adapter and other Accessories applicable to that configuration. Refurbished laptops never come in the original retail box because the original box loses its shape and sustains a degree of wear and tear during shipping between warehouses. PELNUT orders only best-grade Refurbished laptops that have the least cosmetic marks or none of them.

In general, laptops that did not meet the manufacturer’s functionality standards, or were not functioning as they should, were returned to the manufacturer for refurbishment. The manufacturer never tells PELNUT what was replaced in a particular refurbished laptop so we never know.


The open box (store display) laptops may sometimes naturally come with minor external flaws due to their external exposure to people who come to the exhibition stores to interact with them. The exhibition (store display) laptops are generally displayed for not too long so you can expect to receive a pretty new laptop for a good discounted price. Distributors list the laptops in multiple quantities and do not offer us a pick of choice but send the next one from their warehouse so PELNUT does not have a selection of which to pick. The Open Box (store display) laptops include all accessories and are repacked in a generic box, they do not come with the original retail box because the stores that displayed them do not keep them.

As the name suggests the order was canceled and the laptop was returned. As Everyone knows consumer rights laws around the world obligate sellers to provide consumers with up to a 30-day money-back guarantee which provides a unique opportunity to return the goods within this period without providing the seller a reason for return. The open box (canceled order) laptops are returned with all original packaging and accessories, so everything is intact and nothing is missing, and they should not have any cosmetic issues. PELNUT does not know how soon individual computer was returned and distributors do not keep track of that. Open Box (canceled order) computers are picked one after the other and we do not have a selection of which to pick.