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Alternative to traditional commerce

Pelnut ltd. is an online retailer of computer hardware and consumer electronics building cross-border commerce access throughout the global logistic. Based in Centre of the Business City, Toronto, in Canada Pelnut is working with Canadian and American technology industry leaders to promote competitive choice and position the consumer closer to the domestic Manufacturer pricing getting rid of an often multiple reseller involvement leading to exaggerated price mark-ups of traditional reseller product price in local European markets.


We are proud to know that our customers can make the best purchasing decisions by offering Exclusively rich product information, extensive photo galleries, product reviews and links to expert opinions and the opportunity to network with other members of the Pelnut community, fast and reliable shipment delivery with reputable freight partners, solid product warranties, and simplified product return policies. Pelnut has a team of extremely knowledgeable customer support salesman and technicians capable to analyze the work-related needs of the consumer to get the best product fit. We tailored the needs for day to day customer to make the shopping experience one easy task.


We believe that the perfect transaction formula is quality, customer service, and shopping experience, and it starts from here to your home. We adhere to this commitment making sure that everyone enjoys shopping at Pelnut. We take great pride in working passionately to exceed your expectations each and every time you shop with us.


  • 1711-1705 Bloor W Toronto, Ontario, Canada.
  • (323) 432 0932
  • Kęstučio st. 4, Telšiai 87122, Lietuva.
  • 8 695 59 922